Vortex Tubes อุปกรณ์ทำลมเย็น โดยใช้ลมอัด


อุปกรณ์ทำลมเย็น โดยใช้ลมอัด


Vortex Tubes
อุปกรณ์ทำลมเย็น โดยใช้ลมอัด
Vortex Tubes 1



Product Overview Vortex Tubes

Welded Stainless Steel Construction with NO Plastic Parts. Produce cold air from -50°F for spot cooling or hot air to 230°F from ordinary Compressed Air with no moving parts!

Nex Flow Vortex Tubes are constructed of WELDED Stainless Steel and use a Generator and Valve made of BRASS and sealed with Viton O-rings to allow their use in the widest range of industrial environments. The unique design and quality of materials used in Nex Flow Vortex Tubes will deliver years of maintenance-free operation. Careful detail to holding critical tolerances, only precision machining can accomplish produces a Vortex Tube with the highest rated Cooling ( BTU/Hr ) in the industry and in stock ! Nex Flow Vortex Tubes are Dimensionally interchangeable with all other manufactures.

You’ll find many other “cheaper” Vortex Tubes on the market. Others use either Brazed/Stainless construction or Aluminum/Press Fit, both with PLASTIC Generators and standard Buna N O-rings.

We invite you to compare the overall value of the Nex Flow Vortex Tube.

- Cooling electronic controls
- Cooling machining operations
- Cooling CCTV cameras
- Setting hot melts
- Cooling soldered parts
- Cooling gas samples
- Electronic component cooling
- Cooling heat seals
- Cooling environmental chambers
- No moving parts
- No electricity or chemicals
- Small, lightweight
- Low cost
- Maintenance free
- Instant cold air
- Durable – stainless steel
- Adjustable temperature
- Interchangeable generators


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Vortex Tubes 3

Vortex Tubes 4


Adjusting the slotted valve at the hot air outlet sets the flow rate and temperature at the cold end. The more air let out at the hot end reduces the cold air flowing and the cold air temperature at the cold end. Close the valve at the hot end and you increase the cold air flow at the cold end as well as the air temperature at the cold end. The percentage of total input air to the vortex tubes that is directed to the cold end is the “cold fraction”. A cold fraction of 60% to 80% produces the optimum refrigeration. See the chart below which indicates the temperature “rise” at the hot end and temperature “drop” at the cold end of a vortex tubes at various input pressures and “cold Fraction” setting.

Most industrial applications, such as electrical control panel cooling, parts cooling, tool cooling require maximum refrigeration and utilize the Frigid-X™ 50000H series. Applications which require extreme cold temperatures such as lab sample cooling, circuit board testing, would utilize the Frigid-X™50000C series. However, mufflers are available for both the cold and hot ends if required.


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