Stream Vac ; Extractor อุปกรณ์ ดูดควัน ดูดไอ โดยใช้ลมอัด


อุปกรณ์ ดูดควัน ดูดไอ โดยใช้ลมอัด

Stream Vac ; Extractor

 อุปกรณ์ ดูดควัน ดูดไอ โดยใช้ลมอัด



Product Overview Fume Extraction System

The Model 40002FMS STREAM VAC™ is a versatile and affordable compact air cleaning system is ideal for the removal of fumes, dust and other air pollution from work stations without the need for heavy and bulky machinery. The Nex Flow™ Stream Vac™ is an in line air conveyor that when hooked up to a 2” hose up to 25 feet (8 meters) and connected to a compressed air line, it will remove up to several hundred cubic feet of air while using only a minimal amount of compressed air, taking with it welding fumes, soldering fumes, particulate from local grinding operations, smoke and particulate from almost any “spot” application.

A safe and improved healthy condition in the workplace improves employee morale, increases worker productivity, decreases absenteeism and even reduces insurance costs in many cases. A cleaner environment can even enhance the performance of machinery and cut maintenance costs.
The Stream Vac™ is low cost solution to enhance the environment.

How They Work 

The Stream Vac™ is used for the removal of fumes, smoke, dust and particulate at any workbench location with a base that will support the strong magnetic "swivel" base (A) for flexible position of the system. Compressed air is piped in at point (B) on the air amplifier (which is also adjustable to control the suction). Fumes, smoke and particulate enter at (C) and a 2" hose (Customer supplied) at (D) takes the material to a safe location. Three different suction attachments are available. Manual shutoff valve included.



- Replace fans, used for blow-off, cleaning, dry, cooling and conveying
- Parts drying.
- Remove water, coolant, dust,in parts manufacturing/assembly operations.
- Parts cooling.
- Dust and scrap blow off.
- Vent or Exhaust.






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