Adjustable Spot Cooler อุปกรณ์ทำลมเย็น โดยใช้ลมอัด แบบปรับได้


อุปกรณ์ทำลมเย็น โดยใช้ลมอัด แบบปรับได้

Adjustable Spot Cooler
อุปกรณ์ทำลมเย็น โดยใช้ลมอัด แบบปรับได้



Product Overview: Adjustable Spot Cooler 

The Frigid-X™ Adjustable Spot Cooler is adjustable in both temperature and flow. The temperature is adjustable using a knob at the hot end to set the temperature precisely to your requirements from approximately minus 30ºF to room temperature. Three precision brass generators come with the system for flow rate adjustment – providing refrigeration up to 1100 up to 2100 BTU/hr.

- Solder Cooling
- Adjusting thermostats
- Cool plastic machined parts
- Set hot melt adhesives
- Cool welding horns on ultrasonics
- Cool molded plastics
- Cool Electronic components
- Cool heat shrink tubing
- No moving parts
- No electricity or chemicals
- Small, lightweight
- Low cost
- Maintenance free
- Instant cold air
- Durable – stainless steel
- Adjustable temperature
- Interchangeable generators



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