Electronic Thermostat Package


Electronic Thermostat Package


Electronic Temperature Control For Panel Coolers

Electronic Thermostat ELC (Electronic Control Digital Thermostat) is a way for precise control of one or two Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ panel coolers.

- Supply Voltage: AC120-240V (24V on request)

- Sampling Rate: 4/sec (almost double that of nearest competitor)

- Accuracy: 0.25% of full-scale

- 50° to 100°C measuring range

- NEMA 4-4X Enclosure (ABS/PC), ULC approved – it is accepted anywhere in the world – Lexan door: U94-V-0

- Standard unit comes with one solenoid valve

- °F or °C and easily switchable back and forth.

- 3 Outputs: Two relay outputs and one with PID, 1SSR output with PID to control external SSR

- It has two Alarm settings for the two output relays so you can set two different temperatures to control two different solenoids for two separate coolers (and can be used to control anything electrical)

- AutoTune Mode for quick set ups

- Standard unit comes with one solenoid valve, but it can operate two units and also complete additional tasks


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