Ion Air Knives


Ion Air Knives


Product Overview Air Amplifier

Nex Flow™ Air amplifiers are a simple, inexpensive devices with virtually no maintenance that can convey fumes, smoke, lightweight materials and move a high volume of air for cooling, blowoff and drying applications. They use the “coanda effect” which entrains a large amount of surrounding air using only a small amount of compressed air. The effect is an amplification of up to 17 times the airflow or more (depending on the size) with reduced noise levels.

Static Eliminator – Air-Blade™ Ionizer Features:

- Connections on the back or ends
- It flows from end to end (full flow).
- Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive models.
- Models are designed for easy cleaning and prevention of dirt entering the static bar, minimizing potential -  damage.
- Patented connectors with the ground intrinsic to the cable design.
- Instant ON/OFF with no moving parts.
- Repairable Power Supply with a two year warranty.

Static Eliminator – Air-Blade™ Ionizer Benefits:

- Flexible mounting options.
- Units can be mounted end to end for longer lengths with no air gap.
- High temperature, extra strength, and even a unique washable stainless steel model is available for special -  applications or as required.
- Ease of cleaning and maintenance.
- No separate ground connection that can be cut and cause sparks or accidentally shock personnel.
- Conserves air use when not required.
- Eliminates one costly area which is power supply replacement. 2 year warranty assure quality product.


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