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Cameras are used extensively in production for monitoring to insure quality and are often exposed to hot and harsh environments and may require additional cooling.

The most common way to cool an industrial camera in very hot environments is to enclose it in a housing and then cool the housing with either compressed air alone, water, or using vortex tube cooling.

As the camera is in a hot environment, if compressed air is used, it will most likely be warm so a significant amount is required adding to energy cost.

Water will cool very well.  The housing will most likely have a cooling “jacket” where water is passed through.  But the space and cooling supply lines are relatively small, so unless the water is well treated and clean, the system can by highly subject to scale buildup and dirt and can clog risking downtime and increased maintenance costs.

Vortex tube technology which creates cold air from compressed air is a significant improvement in cooling over the two options above in that these units produce cold air which cools the camera.  It does not have the scale issues of water and you will use much less compressed air because you will be applying cold compressed air significantly reducing energy costs.

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