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Some months ago I posted the above pic with a short comment but with little explanation of how it worked so I will explain it more now.

Extruded profiles come in many shapes and configurations but the Ring Blade air wipe made by Nex Flow is able to dry and clean these shapes due to its design. It produces an “amplified” air flow utilizing an annular “coanda” effect to create a powerful force of compressed air mixed with entrained air, basically converting energy that would normally be lost as noise and pressure drop into useful blow off energy. This lowers both noise levels and energy costs. In the above picture, the single Ring Blade cleans the complex extruded part easily instead of using many nozzles that would make setup more complicated.

The air flow is at a 30 degree angle to the extruded part and is able to get into corners to clean and dry. The unit is made in two parts held together by hinges so it can be opened to move or remove an extrusion if necessary such as in applications of extruded rubber where “bubbles” may form. Nice design for easy installation. Sizes from 1/2″ to 11″ internal diameters are standard but special sizes can be made. Materials range from anodized aluminum to 316L stainless steel or special materials on request.

If you have questions on the use of compressed air for drying, cleaning, moving or cooling contact me on LinkedIn or visit www.nexflow.com

(Ring Blade and Nex Flow are registered Trademarks for Nex Flow Air Products Corp.)

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